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Grease Monkey - Columbia #227

119 Rabon Rd,  Columbia,  SC 29223
(803) 788-8899


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Vivian N.
Columbia, SC
12/12/2015 10:12 PM ETZ
" I was professionally welcomed and treated with the utmost respect. I was very satisfied with the work done. "

James M.
Columbia, SC
11/15/2015 11:49 AM ETZ
" prompt service
informative "

Regina E.
Columbia, SC
11/15/2015 11:48 AM ETZ
" The service was excellent, went there for an oil change and they were dome less than 30 minutes. I definitely will be going back. "

Theodore C.
Columbia, SC
11/13/2015 12:06 PM ETZ
" Friendly,fast and knowledgeable "

Thomas P.
Columbia, SC
11/6/2015 12:43 PM ETZ
" The men that work there have serviced my Tahoe and my spouses Lexus for more years than I can remember. They are always professional and treat us like family. Nate always greets me with a big smile as do the others.

I always tell them I the look of their new uniforms, it makes me feel like this is pit team and I ready and off in less than 15-20 minutes "

Tom R.
Columbia, SC
11/3/2015 6:07 PM ETZ
" My philosophy on cars is that, when you have a good one, take good care of keeping up with all servicing and it will last. I've been a customer of this Grease Monkey location for a number of years for all my family's cars. The technicians have always watched out for me and properly cared for my vehicles. I've never had a complaint about the service. "

Paul J.
Columbia, SC
10/30/2015 9:06 PM ETZ
" The service men was very helpful and fast "

Barbara L.
Columbia, SC
10/23/2015 2:45 PM ETZ
" I use the Rabon Road Grease Monkey for all of my car services. They are friendly,knowledgeable and fair "

Glenn J.
Columbia, SC
10/21/2015 12:26 PM ETZ
" The service person, explained any codes that were found and the fact the he did a thorough job checking my vehicle. "

Alan O.
Columbia, SC
10/12/2015 5:43 PM ETZ
" Quick. Friendly. "

Frank B.
Columbia, SC
9/25/2015 3:47 PM ETZ
" Fast and thorough "

Leon G.
Columbia, SC
9/24/2015 3:45 PM ETZ
" Fast,Friendly,Efficient "

Harvey R.
Columbia, SC
9/21/2015 3:18 PM ETZ
" Always friendly,not to pushy about extras,take a reasonable length of time for service "

Regie B.
Columbia, SC
9/21/2015 3:17 PM ETZ
" Quick in and out. Not pushy for a bunch of extra stuff. "

Caroline D.
Columbia, SC
9/17/2015 3:05 PM ETZ
" The Service Providers were professional, efficient and courteous. They explained everything including costs. The location was very clean and bright. I was very comfortable, will return and will refer. "

Miranda S.
Columbia, SC
9/17/2015 3:04 PM ETZ
" Joe is always nice explains things before he works on my cars, always suggest what needs to be done for example air filter needs to be replace, any bulbs, serpentine belt. Service is always good and prompt. "

Allen S.
Columbia, SC
9/16/2015 3:03 PM ETZ
" Great service "

Matthew B.
Columbia, SC
9/10/2015 2:47 PM ETZ
" Friendly staff, quick and efficient service, lots of promotions "

Helen B.
Columbia, SC
9/10/2015 11:47 AM ETZ
" I have used this location for many years. they are the best. "

Ann B.
Columbia, SC
9/4/2015 11:40 AM ETZ
" Friendly, fast and knowledgeable service staff. "

Judi E.
Columbia, SC
9/2/2015 11:31 AM ETZ
" We've been using this franchise for decades. They are friendly, competent and they make sure all other preventive maintenance is done. The fact they keep records of all maintenance is a plus. "

Stephanie J.
Columbia, SC
8/31/2015 11:13 AM ETZ
" Prompt courteous service and friendly people "

James M.
Columbia, SC
8/8/2015 11:16 AM ETZ
" Great attendants, very prompt, very pleasant and helpful! "

James H.
Columbia, SC
9/18/2014 11:15 PM ETZ
" Very nice staff and made me feel at home. Very clean. I will return. "

Thankful Customer
Columbia, SC
8/23/2014 9:58 AM ETZ
" Saturday great service by the auto techs on while in one of hottest days of the summer. Thanks guys! Grease Monkey, Rabon Rd, Cola,SC "

Loyal Customer 
Columbia, SC
5/28/2013 10:10 PM ETZ
" I was pleased with how quickly the service was completed. I would use Grease Monkey again as I am able to get in and out quickly and without an appointment. "


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